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Cryovac® Xenith3 Shrink Film

Low Temperature Shrink Without Compromising Strength
Cryovac® Xenith3® is the result of breakthrough technology that combines low temperature shrink without compromising strength. It is easy to use, which means it seals easily, shrinks easily and runs well on a broad range of equipment systems. Its unmatched clarity, gloss and sheen ensure that products are clearly visible to consumers and its strength enables products to arrive at the store in the same condition that they are shipped. This toughness permits products to withstand the rigors of retail stocking and consumer handling, while maintaining strong visual appeal.

•    The strongest soft shrink film available
•    Exerts low shrink force against your product
•    Shrinks at significantly lower temperatures reducing energy costs
•    Extremely versatile - accommodating a broad array of equipment and applications
•    Has a very high percentage of "free shrink"
•    Unsurpassed elastic recovery
•    Is crystal clear with a high-gloss finish

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