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The UltraDoser is the multi-purpose liquid nitrogen (LN2) dosing system utilizing advanced cryogenic technology and PLC programming. Compact in size, the UltraDoser is ideal for facilities with space constraints.
Key Benefits
· Lightweight PET – reduce the weight of PET for costand environmental savings

· Extend Shelf Life – minimize oxygen levels

· Glass to PET Transition – eliminate glass safety hazards and weight of containers

· Ease of Labeling – consistent bottle rigidity createsan efficient labeling process

· Bottle Rigidity – maintain bottle shape even with lighter weight containers

· Reduce Nitrogen Consumption – measurable and repeatable liquid doses

· Eliminate Paneling – increase the internal pressure to offset paneling issues

· Maximize Warehouse Storage Space – increasing product stackability utilizes less square footage

· Oxygen Reduction – create an inert environment to preserve product freshness

· Stabilize Organic Products – extend shelf lifewithout preservatives



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