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Thermal Transfer Overprinter VJ 6210


Thermal Transfer Overprinter

The Videojet® 6210 Thermal Transfer Overprinter offers a proven and cost-effective solution for users ready to migrate to a digital solution from a non-digital solution such as hot stamp or roller coders. The Videojet 6210 delivers maximum reliability and efficiency for marking variable, high resolution images on flexible packaging and labels — at an affordable price.

Consistent, high quality print

The Videojet 6210 prints 300 dpi images on a wide variety of flexible packaging materials, and is well-suited for applications in the snack food, bakery, confectionery, frozen and refrigerated foods, bagged fresh vegetables and dried fruits markets. This printer offers increased production uptime and efficiency versus traditional non-digital technologies, such as hot stamp or roller coders.

Real-time variable data

• Internal clock function provides on-line printing of variable and real-time data
• Best by dates, time/batch/lot codes, shift codes and production line ID

Long production runs

• Proven, highly reliable, clutchless ribbon drive
• Ribbon tension is consistently maintained, virtually eliminating ribbon-related downtime
• 600 meter ribbon length requires less frequent ribbon changes than hot stamp or other competitive TTO

Simple to operate

• Intuitive, graphical user interface incorporates easy to learn icon based controls
• WYSIWYG image display reduces set up errors
• Color touch screen

Low cost of ownership

• Bi-directional ribbon drive allows unused ribbon to be recaptured after each print
• Delivers more prints per roll and a low cost of ownership

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