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Thermal Transfer Overprinter Data Flex Plus

Thermal Transfer Overprinter DataFlex Plus

Maximum reliability and efficiency for variable, high resolution images on flexible packaging and labels.The Videojet DataFlex Plus Thermal Transfer Overprinter (TTO) delivers high resolution images on flexible packaging, while minimizing downtime and costs associated with ribbon breaks and production changeovers. For marking variable information such as date, time, batch code, ingredients, logos and marketing information onto flexible film packaging, labels or glossy cards, this system provides the ultimate in productivity and efficiency.

Increased production line uptime

A patented and proven clutchless ribbon drive with few wear parts increases mechanical reliability and minimizes maintenance-related downtime. Through the use of motors and software, optimal ribbon tension is consistently maintained, virtually eliminating downtime caused by ribbon breaks and false ribbon breaks.
• Simple ribbon cassette design and 1,000 meter ribbon length means less frequent and faster ribbon changes
• Increased production line efficiency

Lowest cost of ownership

The DataFlex Plus is designed to lower the total cost of ownership. The patented bi-directional ribbon drive utilizes motors that drive both the ribbon unwind and re-wind reels, allowing unused ribbon to be recaptured after each print.
• 0.5mm gap between prints from the beginning to the end of the ribbon roll creates more prints per roll and ensures highest possible ribbon efficiency
• Bi-directional drive eliminates over-printing and provides consistent image quality
• Standard ribbon save functions are designed to further reduce ribbon expense and maximize the number of prints per roll

Maximum flexibility

The DataFlex Plus thermal transfer overprinter has the built-in capacity to change between intermittent and continuous operation — quickly and easily — in the same unit. Software flexibility can help reduce operator interaction, minimizing the potential for human error.
• Serial, Ethernet and USB communications deliver the most comprehensive communications package in the industry
• Control the printer unit directly from a host packaging unit’s controller, or control up to four printer units from a single DataFlex Plus controller

Protection in harsh environments

The DataFlex Plus is also available with an IP rating for the 53mm printer width model, offering an IP65-rated printer unit and IP55-rated graphical user interface (GUI) control unit.
• Enhanced protection against dust and water
• Ideally suited to hygienic packaging applications and washdown environments

Easy to learn and use

The intuitive, high-resolution graphical user interface and color touchscreen incorporate easy to learn, icon-based controls and a WYSIWYG image display to reduce downloading and entry errors.
• Three levels of password protection for added security
• On-board diagnostics make trouble shooting quick and easy, resulting in less downtime and reduced training requirements

High quality thermal transfer printing

The DataFlex Plus system allows for on-line printing of variable and real-time data such as best by dates, times, batch/lot codes, ingredients listing, bar codes and logos with crisp, clear images.
• High-resolution images on a wide variety of flexible packaging, labels and other materials
• Well-suited for applications in the snack food, bakery, confectionery, frozen and refrigerated foods, bagged fresh vegetables and dried fruits, meats, coffee and pharmaceutical markets

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