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It is a high speed label/pouches/carton Stacking coder for registered printing on various type of labels, shrink sleeves, pouches, cartons, laminates, etc.


   Automatic feeding, nice and quick adjustments, easy controls, accurate registration, uniform neat and clean printing, compact size, counting arrangement (optional),high speed.

 Suitable for high speed multi-line printing on most types of Labels& Cartons as in the Pharmaceutical industries. Can also print on PVC shrinks sleeves*, pouches* & bags* but restricted by the size & thickness of film.

 Oscillating distributor roller spreads ink evenly to the ink roll to obtain uniform printing at the exact desired location.

 Fully Electro-Mechanical machine with parts of steel and sintered bronze to give years of maintenance free operation.

Coder Model


SCC - 300-

Substrate Labels / Pouches* Cartons ( Labels / Pouches*)
Substrate size 40X20 mm to 200X150 mm 75X50 mm to 305X175 mm
Supply Voltage 3ø440 Vac±10%, 180 W 3ø440 Vac ±10%, 180 W
Printing Area 6 to 8 Lines (50 X 200mm.) 6 to 8 Lines (50 X 200mm.)
Printing Speed 125/180/250 imprints/min. 125/180/250 imprints/min.
Prints using Easily Changeable grooved/flat,rubber/nylon stereos
Inking Medium Rechargeable liquid ink cartridge/ lapping roller for paste
Printing Medium Quick drying paste/ink ( Black, Violet, Red, Green, etc.)
Impressions 10,000 per 10 gms.Paste/15,000 per 20 ml. charge
Geared Motor 400/440 Volts 3 Phase ¼ H.P. 136 RPM geared head motor
Machine Size 820 LX 415 W X 490 H 870 LX 765 W X 625 H
Weight 75 Kgs net. 125 Kgs gross. 125 Kgs net. 175 Kgs gross.

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