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Nitrogen Dosing Applications

As new packaging technology and products evolve, so has a demand for refined dosing results.

Pressurization in Packaging Applications

A precise dose of liquid nitrogen is delivered immediately before capping or seaming. The trapped LN2 quickly vaporizes, pressurizing the container. In hot fill applications, the nitrogen pressure counteracts the vacuum created when a hot product cools. Typical applications for this method include bottled water, energy shots, flax seed oil, juices (hot and ambient fill) and vinegar.

Preservation Applications

An exact dose of liquid nitrogen is introduced seconds before the seamer or capper. The small dose of liquid nitrogen gasifies, 700 times its volume, in the process. The large volume of gaseous nitrogen pushes the oxygen out of the container. Applications for preservation include automobile oil, beer, condiments and wine.

Freezing Applications

A dose of liquid nitrogen is introduced to "lock in" and surface freeze the product before it's transferred to a traditional tunnel or spiral freezer. Freezing applications include dipped ice cream cones and iCream Café.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Applications

A large dose of liquid nitrogen is introduced into the package seconds before the seamer or capper. Proven MAP applications include: baby formula, coffee, nuts and trail mix.

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