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The current direction of the bottling industry is to reduce the weight of the PET containers for cost savings, reduction of petroleum consumption, and the reduction of waste to promote "green" efforts. As a result of this direction, new innovative packaging (flexible, ultra light weight PET) was introduced to the market. The new packaging required much tighter dosing tolerances; generally 5psi +/- 2psi internal pressure. This made the traditional liquid nitrogen dosing technology outdated and ineffective. Our "MicroDose" technology was developed in response to this need. Today, approximately 25-50 facilities (international and domestic) are using our "MircoDose" technology with results verified by an independent third party. With "MicroDose", bottlers have seen upwards of 40% plastic reduction in the PET bottles. This reduction in plastic equates to approximately $336,000 savings per year (assuming line speeds of 900 containers per minute and $0.70 per plastic pound) and a significant reduction in environmental waste.

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