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Cryovac® CT-301 isn't just a new, thin film - it's a technology ! This patent-pending technology has revolutionized the ability to down gauge while maintaining performance characteristics of other shrink films up to twice as thick. With proven versatility across a broad range of shrink equipment, this 30 gauge shrink film provides exceptional attributes such as enhanced seal strength, increased durability and retail ready optics and clarity. CT-301 not only provides increased operational efficiencies, i.e., longer roll length, but also offers the ultimate in source reduction and reduced carbon footprint.

•    Performance - 50-60 gauge properties in a 30 gauge film
•    Improved yield - longer rolls, improved uptime, fewer changeovers
•    Unique combination of strength, tear, and burn resistance properties
•    Logistical, storage, and administrative efficiencies per package

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