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ON LINE MARKER is a uniquely designed fully automatic system to mark changing messages like Date code, Batch No. Brand name, Name and address of customer/manufacturer etc. on surfaces like corrugated cartons, Leather cloth, Multilayer paper sacks, PVC sheets, Decorative Laminates, Paper tubes cones and Aluminium/G.steel sheets. 

ON LINE MARKER can be mounted in any position and is ideally suited for on-line marking on automatic case sealing machines. 

The flexibility of the system virtually eliminates the need for pre-printed stock thus minimising inventory and reducing waste. 

The inking roller can be easily recharged by immersing it in an ink container for 2/3 hours and then squeezing out any excess surface ink or by pouring a few drops of ink on the roller as shown above.  

We provide you with a set of individual alpha-numeric types that can be used to compose almost any information you want to mark.             
Rubber types are precision moulded to ensure accuracy in both groove profile and height of the types.  
This ensures that each type can be inter locked with the grooves on the handy marker so that it fits securely.  

Accuracy in the height of types ensures uniform inking which gives print like markings. Type sets are available in sizes of 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 14 mm, 25 mm and 39 mm.  
Composing messages of your choice is easy and is illustrated here.

If you have messages which are used frequently you can opt to get a composite strip made, instead of using individual letters to compose the message every time.  
Logos, emblems, monograms etc. can be made to order as per your design and artwork.
Inks are specifically formulated to be of very fine particle size so that pores of the ink roller do not get blocked.  They also satisfy the contrasting demands of drying very slowly on the ink roller but rapidly on the surface to be marked.  
Standard colors available are Black, Red, Blue and Green.  Any special color can be made to order if quantity is substantial.


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