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Shanklin® Shrink Tunnels
The Industry Standard
Unlike other shrink tunnels, in which improperly controlled air can produce disappointing results, Shanklin® shrink tunnels feature carefully controlled air velocity and temperature that are maintained throughout the tunnel for optimum film shrink.
  • Versatile - Line easily meets such challenges as "problem packages," keeping up with high-speed wrapping machinery, or using difficult-to-handle shrink films.
  • Durable - Heavy gauge steel exteriors and corrosion resistant interiors for long-lasting performance.
  • Innovative - Designed to deliver heat to film rapidly for minimal heat exposure to product; tailors air temperature and velocity to favor the wrapping film for the best possible shrink.
  • Two-Year Warranty - Our commitment to reliability and our continued assurance of quality.
Over the years, we’ve developed an extensive line of shrink tunnel solutions engineered for virtually any application. There’s a Shanklin® shrink tunnel perfect for your needs.

Shanklin® Single Chamber Shrink Tunnels

  • T-6H
  • T-7XL, T-7F, T-7H
Simplicity and reliability best describe our excellent line of standard shrink tunnels. Each is a hard-working, high performance machine that produces superior packages every time. Standard models (with the exception of the T-7F) are also available in stainless steel construction.

Model T-6H

  • Moderately priced - An excellent value!
  • Easy to use - Set temperature, conveyor speed, and variable air velocity control, and you’re ready to go.
  • T-6H features larger tunnel opening height to accommodate higher profile packages


Chamber Size (inches)
(L x W x H)

Conveyor Length


30 x 18 x 10


Models T-7XL, T-7F, T-7H

  • Virtually maintenance - free, thanks to straightforward, dependable design.
  • Easy to use - Set temperature, conveyor speed, air velocity, and go!
  • Flexible - Adjustable top air jet velocity ensure superior shrinks of unusual products.
  • Heavy-duty conveyor - Stainless steel mesh belt, variable speed DC drive.
  • T-7F - Value-priced for applications where fixed height top air and standard-duty conveyor are sufficient.
  • T-7H - Fixed tunnel ceiling height; features expanded tunnel opening to accommodate medium to high profile packages, front-mounted control box standard.
  • T-7XL - Industry "workhorse" - The most powerful tunnel of its size.


Chamber Size (inches)
(L x W x H)

Conveyor Length


42 x 22 x 8



42 x 22 x 12



42 x 22 x 8



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