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Vibgyor in collaboration with Cryotech International, a Division of Chart Inc., has a complete line of vacuum insulated piping equipment for the distribution of most cryogens. Our experience and vast product lines and accessories allow us to engineer the optimum system solution for your liquid application.

All systems are easy to operate and can be integrated into new or existing facilities. Find out how Cryotech can help you reduce operating costs and improve efficiency.

Cryotech Piping Products


statiflex photo


StatiFlex is our pre-evacuated, vacuum insulated, all stainless steel flexible pipe. StatiFlex is modular in construction and design; available in two standard sizes: S625 (0.625" ID) and S1250 (1.25" ID).


dynaflex photo


DynaFlex is an all stainless steel, vacuum insulated flexible pipe. Jumper hoses are used to connect the vacuum annulus of each section to an on-site vacuum pump which maintains vacuum levels of 10-5 torr or better. DynaFlex is available in two standard sizes: D625 (0.625" ID) and D1250 (1.25" ID).





CryotechFlex is our super flexible, all stainless steel, vacuum insulated liquid nitrogen transfer hose. CryotechFlex hoses are almost always used to feed a tool from a LN2 source. CryotechFlex hoses provide a lot of flexibility not only in construction but also in design. This product line is used in various OEM applications with custom fittings, end connections, and configurations.



cryoridge photo


CryoRigid is pre-evacuated, all stainless steel, vacuum insulated pipe. The smooth bore inner with periodic internal bellows (to allow for system expansion and contraction) minimize pressure drop and improves flow characteristics. CryoRigid pipe can be designed with flexible sections (similar to StatiFlex) to facilitate ease of installation.



phase separator photo

Phase Separator

Phase Separators are stainless steel, vacuum insulated vessels designed to store liquid nitrogen under atmospheric pressure. Phase Separators are used in specialized applications requiring extremely high quality, low pressure liquid nitrogen on demand. Typical applications include both direct feed or closed loop systems.

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