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Innovative hot melt equipment solutions for the packaging industry

• Quick start-up – ready in less than 10 minutes, eliminating costly downtime
• Tank-Free – adhesive supplied and melted to meet your application’s demand means less adhesive time at high temperature
• Less adhesive time at high temperature means less char and less material degradation
• Less char results in reduced nozzle plugging, less system maintenance and more uptime
• Great performance, even with low-cost adhesives

How it works

Graco’s InvisiPac uses an integrated vacuum system to feed adhesive pellets to an in-line melt chamber. A sensor monitors adhesive in the chamber, and additional pellets are automatically added as needed based on the demand of your application. With its efficient heat transfer design, the InvisiPac System has adhesive throughput capability equivalent to or better than many hot melt tank systems. The result? You get a continuous flow of adhesive during production that significantly reduces the time adhesive sits at temperature. Less time at high temperature means less char, less maintenance and more uptime.


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