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Airbags / Dunnage Bags

Airbags that can withstand loads up to 30 tons  

Bates Cargo-Pak is spoially constructed with an outer material consisting of several layers of heavy-duty wet strength paper, and a strong multi-layer film inner material, giving the airbags maximum strength and ultimate airtightness.

The material thar our dunnage bags are made from has a high friction value, ensuring the airbag or dunnage bag does not shift during transport.

Product range with many possibilities. Inflatable airbags from Bates Cargo-Pak are available for one-time use and repeat use. They come in many different sizes from 60 x 110 cm to 120 x 240 cm. Customized solutions are available upon request.

Bates Cargo PAK Products

Eco Protector Flex Eco
Reusable Bag Heavy
Light Medium
Flex Inflation Equipment

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